June 4th, 2010



Karma is a funny thing...

AstraZeneca did not choose me for their internship (and didn't even bother to let me know, they just left me hanging for weeks) - and now they have got one of the worst pipelines in the industry

Johnson and Johnson laid me off - and now their manufacturing and recall issues are spiraling out of control

An additional tidbit is that out of all of my ICU and transplant patients (total number about 60 over two months) only one died, and that person was the only one to whose room I did not come in (his wife was working and he was asleep, so I decided I will stop by the next time I will be in (I was leaving for a conference later that evening) but he died the day before I came back. All the others had survived and went on to live normally - even those for whom there had already been considerations as far as how soon to turn off life support.

Putting all of this together, I apparently bring good fortune/hold off troubles by my mere presence somewhere. Now, if I could prove it and turn it into a money-making opportunity... :D

Now, let's hope my good fortune works wonders on tomorrow's weather, as I am going to explore North Jersey tomorrow, look at some apartments out that way - just in case.