July 7th, 2010



It's a mini-reunion in the making! Something must have died somewhere, because my two best friends from pharmacy school and I are going to be in the same place at the same time! I am going to visit my parents this weekend, and I was planning to have dinner with a friend who lives there. And I just got a phone call from the other friend that SHE is going to be there with her husband and new son this weekend too. Massive win. :) Looking forward to seeing them all and hanging out and talking a lot, and laughing a lot, and having a few drinks in a great company. Something I haven't had for a while now. :) I haven't seen either of them since last July, actually.

So it's going to be quite a busy day Friday. I go to work in the morning, to the company picnic in the afternoon, fly home in the evening. And then on Saturday I am hanging out with my friends, on Sunday with my parents (and watching the World Cup Final), and on Monday I am flying back here. And on Tuesday work starts again... Also, want to plan the next two mini-vacations while I am at my parents'. I want them to come over for my Mom's birthday - I want to show them Boston and also to drive them to Acadia National Park, I have wanted to visit it for a while. And since I have the week off between Christmas and New Year (though I work the Christmas Day proper), I am contemplating going someplace tropical for a change. New Year's Eve under palms... as weird as it sounds to anyone born in the proper climate.