September 21st, 2010


I am back

Acadia was BEAUTIFUL. The pine forest, the rocks, the waves coming strong against the rocks... No, really, however beautiful different places of the world might be, there is still nothing better than northern forests with lots of rocks and some water. I have not realized how much I missed it all - the smell of the pine trees on a warm day, the pleasure of hiking on rocky ground, the feel of swampy soil underneath my feet.

Besides directly reconnecting with nature and eating lots and lots of local seafood, and doing the boat tour, I also went on a flight around the whole island on a small biplane. I have never been on one before. I must say, I prefer the helicopters still, but it was cool too. Now, I have only the hot air baloon left to complete my journey back in time into the history of air transportation.

Boston was just as it always is - nice. Fourth time around it is not quite as interesting or pretty as the first time, but the food in the North End was great as always. And I did the Duck Boat tour, including steering the boat while on the river. Very different feel to it than driving a car.

Now, my vacation is over and I am going back to work tomorrow. I absolutely hate the late evenings of the last days before going back to work from a nice vacation. I feel like a kid robbed of a candy by a schoolyard bully. Oh well...