March 8th, 2011


Health scam

Today I have watched TV (other than Food Network) for the first time in several months. And I have been treated to the most classic of all classic health scams.

Meet the heroes of the day - iRenew. The miracle bracelet using "natural frequencies" to promote health and wellness. It just used every trick in the book. I swear, it's like playing Bingo with the checklist.

- word "natural" - check
- staged performance to prove "efficacy" - check (it's easy to show someone magically improving their balance - it's all in where you push and how you push)
- words like "corporations would pay millions to get this technology" - check
- mention of celebrities and athletes using these miracle devices - check

Precious, aren't they? For more on the various health scams, do visit Fascinating reading, that site.