June 23rd, 2011


Fire and Water

I am getting really, really wary of the Missouri river flooding. Not only it was scary to see the waterfront statues chest-deep in the water, but it is also because my parents have to be driving to Minnesota this weekend. And because my friend is going to come visit me for the July 4th weekend and Omaha airport is right on the river. Right now, there are about 20 pumps and a tall levee protecting it, but still. Because Union Pacific said that the railroad between Omaha and Kansas City could be flooded in the next two days, and most bridges over Missouri river have been shut down, if the airport is closed, there will be just a couple bridges connecting Omaha to the outside world. And that is not good.

Can we just take all this water and send it over to the fire in Arizona? That made me very sad too, because the forest burning is almost where I spent a wonderful month on the Apache reservation. Not only is the area beautiful, but almost the only sources of income for the local population were hunting trips for the local big elk, and the lumber industry. Both killed and buried by the fire. It's awful, because those Apaches were by far the nicest patients I have ever worked with.

Where I am, it rained so hard right before lunch, with wind gusts so threatening, that some windows were creaking and bending, according to my colleagues whose windows face the other side. It did sound awful enough for me to decide that no one has starved to death in one day yet, so I opted to skip lunch. No way was I going out in that type of weather.