August 16th, 2011



It has become something of a tradition for me to go to a new city in Canada every year. It was Niagara Falls in 2008, Quebec city and surrounding area in 2009, Vancouver/Whistler in 2010 and Toronto in 2011.

First of all, I unexpectedly really liked Toronto. It's architecturally a lot more pleasing than New York, and has a far more agreeable demographics. It still has all the goods from all over the world and access to a lot of shopping, festivals, etc. And it's pretty nice and clean and has a lot of green spaces.

The main reason I decided to go there was the Bata Shoe Museum. Four floors worth of shoes on exhibit - what more does one need?

Then, of course, I couldn't pass by the biggest tourist attraction in all of Canada - the CN Tower. I must say, that American cities, unlike the European ones, are painfully disappointing to view from up above.

Took the boat tour of Toronto Harbor.

Went to the Royal Museum. Definitely reflects the fact that Canada never quite cut the umbilical cord linking it to the UK.

And of course, I could not miss the biggest castle in all of Canada. Built in the early 20th century, the period of interest in Baronial Revival in North America, it was, while not quite the same as the real deal, very much worth a visit.

Not that I could miss a big, very nice jewelry store right halway between my hotel and the Royal Museum.

And the last thing I did during my visit was to channel my Dad. Meaning, sit in front of a pub and drink locally brewed beer. Fairly decent as far as pale lagers are concerned.

One thing that did disappoint about Toronto was the food. Not bad at all (and sausage stands more impressive than New York ones) but restaurants I visited on average were not nearly as good as those in Quebec, even though they cost more.

Now, I am not sure where in Canada I will go next year - but my guess is either Montreal or somehwere in the Maritime Provinces, maybe a three-day cruise from New York or something like that. There are conferences in Montreal fairly often, but not next year, I am afraid.

Вооот, а кто-то сомневался?!

О, да вы - историк.
imageНет ничего скучнее толпы, историю творят личности. А вы, безусловно, личность с легкой такой манией величия, но кто посмеет сказать, что у вас нет для этого повода? Правда, порой вам кажется, что вы слегка опоздали родиться. Словно изысканный аромат вам кружат голову дела дней минувших, грохот былых сражений и интриги политиков и королей. И только дураки способны путать этот утонченный запах с запахом нафталина. Ведь вы знаете точно: у народов, позабывших свою историю, нет будущего.
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