September 25th, 2011


A weekend in DC

Well, even though the weather was unpleasantly humid all afternoon, DC was as good as ever.

Newseum, the main reason behind this trip, was quite intersting, and tigressita and I spent over three hours wandering through the six floors worth of exhibit. I have never been to a documentary photo exhibit before, and I enjoyed it very much. Some photos were beautiful, some were very powerful. Some I didn't connect with at all. Nevertheless, that's a museum that was very much worth is admission fee and I certainly would recommend a visit there to everyone.

Also visited the National Archives. The Constitution didn't quite make an impression on me, possibly because I got overfed with it during the visit to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia less than two months ago. However, the ongoing exhibit is about food regulation in the US, and it was quite interesting. Especially because I was recognizing a lot of points I studied in various courses.

Also, watched the first three (I think) series of the Game of Thrones. I think I am going to read the books now. I think I made a half-hearted attempt to read them a few years ago, but didn't find it engaging enough. Maybe it just has a slow beginning, and maybe I was just not in the mood to decipher the multiple characters during the previous attempt.

Last but not the least, tigressita talked me into seeing The Contagion (IMAX, no less). I went in with extremely low expectations, thus I was pleasantly surprised that the science around the outbreak was not completely pulled out of the writer's ass with no connection to reality. Quite realistic, actually. Because I spent the whole movie just looking for errors, I left the theater with a rather positive impression. However, by now my thoughts have settled and overall I think the movie was not very good. Mainly because it couldn't decide what it wanted to be. As a scenario analysis of what would happen if such a virus did occur, it was not up to par and many lines were either not shown or shown briefly and abandoned, never to be seen again. As a plot, it tried to juggle too many lines and many of them were underdeveloped or abandoned as a result. As characters, they were pretty good, but not particularly memorable. Not something worth re-watching, but I enjoyed playing with it while I watched it.