November 27th, 2011


2011 Shopping Season

I did not go shopping on the Black Friday, opting for the Saturday instead. Mainly because I slept until noon on Friday and by the time I got myself ready, I figured it would be around 3-ish by the time I would make it there and find a parking spot. Too late to start shopping.

This year differed from every previous one in that I had a clear list of things I was looking for instead of just browsing for something that would look interesting.

I got 3/6 things on my list.

New Year's dress (since this year's work party is themed "Winter White" and I have nothing suitable): yep. A sequined silver off the shoulder Calvin Klein dress, and I got it for only $60 after all the discounts. His dresses always fit me like a glove... This is what the dress looks like. Now I need to figure out what to wear it with...

New sneakers: yep. My old ones literally fell apart (leather cracked to the point where it was letting the water in). I must have tried on literally every model of the white leather sneaker out there in seven or eight different stores. For some reason, I always buy pure white ones and I prefer leather to all the new-fangled materials. And flexible sole. Not a lot of choice, and most of those I tried on were not nearly as comfortable as I would have liked. Ended up going with one of the Skeechers models (one with a normal, non-curved sole, since I will use them for work at the pharmacy as well, where I need to stand in those things for hours and hours).

A pink handbag: yep. It was actually something optional, but I wanted a bright pink or orange bag for the fall. I do have a small pink bag that would only work in the summer. I was lucky that Fossil had a sale on them that I did not even know about, so I got it for half the usual price. I like Fossil bags overall, good combination of price and quality. I just can't justify spending upwards of $300 on a bag when it will wear and tear just like a cheaper one would. My bags have to withstand a lot of abuse, generally.

An overnighter/rolling briefcase: no. I would have bought one, but my Mom called me to tell that she saw an ad about Tuesday Morning having a sale on them on Friday December 9th. Since I don't need it immediately (I will use a proper suitcase for my trip to New Orleans since I am going there for four nights and will need to bring a suit (or two)), I decided to wait. I can always come back and buy one for $200, why not wait for a chance to buy one for $90?

A pair of black work pumps: no. Normally, at work I wear a pair of simple, comfortable pumps with a heel of no more than 2 inches or so and usually a rounded toe. I tend to wear them outside as well, so heels get scratched, etc. They usually don't last more than three seasons or so, therefore I buy them cheap, around $30-50, and toss them when they are worn out. My current pair has mostly lost its looks by now (there is a reason I don't usually buy patent leather - it loses its looks a lot quicker than normal matte leather!). However, I did not see any I liked, with both comfort and looks. I do have a gray pair which I can wear indoors this winter (so my feet don't sweat in the boots in my overheated office) but they are felt and therefore entirely unsuitable for outdoor use. The search continues...

A pair of boots: no. My favorite pair, light brown, is nearly a goner (though I am going to see what the cobbler can do about it). I am looking for a replacement, though it is not urgent (I do have other boots to wear). Nothing struck my fancy yesterday.

Because I went with a list, I spent a lot less money (which is good). However, I still spent the same 8 hours in the outlet center. And it was 8 hours full of intense exercise (walking, bending, crouching, etc.). My back was starting to get annoyed by the end. Even though I did the wise thing and instead of buying something right away (and having to carry it around for the rest of day, since I parked out in the boonies, a good half a mile away) I would write down what I saw and what it had cost and then returned to buy at the end of the day.

One thing I was considering was a beautiful pendant with two dolphins (one yellow gold, one white gold) holding a rose gold flower. I made a secret bet that if it costs less than $100 I would buy it. It was $180 even with the doorbuster special (normal price was something like $800). I decided to wait. I figured, if I still want it at the end of the day when I am tired and all I want is to go home, I will get it. I convinced myself that I don't really need it (go me! very proud of myself for resisting shiny stuff). Just out of curiosity, I stopped by to see whether it has been bought during the day - and it has. Good thing, I would like for a beautiful thing like that to have a nice home.
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