February 7th, 2012



I could not find my Blackberry yesterday, which was strange in an of itself because I hardly ever use it unless I am travelling or in an all-day meeting, which was not the case last week. And I remember distinctly last having it in my hands last Wednesday. It could only be at home, at work or in my car.

After I made a fool of myself this morning searching under the seats in my car in the parking lot at work (my garage at home is too dark), I was still empty-handed. So, I came to work and even though I searched there yesterday, I decided to give it one more go. I found it ten seconds later. It was in the drawer where I normally keep my purse and everything, the most likely place where it would be and where I did search yesterday.

The kicker? It was inside a shoe (I keep a spare pair of indoor shoes at work, so if I wear boots, I can switch to shoes for the day). The shoe sole is black, the Blackberry case is black... Considering that yesterday was the day when I could not find my gloves in my own pocket and had to suffer my hands freezing - only to find the gloves in the right pocket, where they were supposed to be, once I came to work and put my keys into the same pocket, not surprizing.

That's what being over-worked does to your brain, kids.