March 25th, 2012


One more crazy week

This past week I spent in Las Vegas, which remains exactly what it has always been - a slightly vulgar but very colorful establishment for separating tourists from their money.

I was technically not in the Vegas proper but in Henderson, on the lake, though I did go to the Strip twice. Once for our awards ceremony, where I got the best seat for viewing the Bellagio fountains, and then again to see KA by Cirque du Soleil. This is my favorite one so far, out of all I have seen. I want to go see Zumanity next. I might be returning to Vegas again in December.

The next trip for me will be New Orleans in late April. Good Cajun food, here I come. :)

Yesterday I went to see the Nrityagram Indian dance performance in New York. I didn't know a dance can be so static... I swear it was not so much a dance as it was a collection of static poses... which were very much like the yoga poses. It was interesting, but I failed to connect with it. And the music was slightly annoying, especially their flute. I have never been a big fan of flutes, but this one was worse than the others. Besides, I utterly failed to connect with this music. Just like with rap, I cannot feel it and therefore wouldn't be able to dance to it... but it was still an interesting experience.