April 16th, 2012


Allergy season

On Saturday, I worked in the pharmacy, and I swear 85% of all the questions I had answered were about allergies. It sometimes got funny - the third or fourth person in a row asking about allergy meds would say, "Don't laugh/I am sorry, but I also have a question about allergies..." And I would either laugh or say "Welcome to the club!" before answering. Also, we ran out of about half the allergy meds so that got a bit hard too. But otherwise, very nice shift, no crazies (I guess they all came on Friday the 13th), no issues (I had all those the last time I worked). It helped that I had one of the best techs ever working with me. Let me tell you, it's the help who either makes or breaks your day. A good tech will make even the suckiest shift OK, and a bad tech will make you want to shoot yourself even in if the shift is fairly decent.

I got a bit of allergies too... now I am hoping I won't feel bad enough to take Benadryl today, don't want to turn into a Benadryl zombie... Yesterday I was running all over the town showing New York to a friend, so by 10pm I had to take something. Today I am at work and indoors...