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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

If you have an iTunes Account
And even if you don't, please check your credit cards and bank statements for unauthorized charges coming from iTunes. I went to pay my credit card bill earlier today and I found two charges from iTunes from March 28th, totaling over $200. Of course, I reported it to my credit card and closed the account right away for fraud. However, I do not have an iTunes account. I might have set one up when I got an iPod back in 2006 (before I even got this card!), but I never used it because I never used the iPod.

Then I tried to contact iTunes to let them know of the fraud - and realized it is impossible because their website, unlike that of any sensible company, lacks a customer service phone number. It is in my statement, of course, but I can't access my account now until a new card is issued so I can't see the statement. What I did find instead, was a ton of reports dated late March and early April of this year saying the same thing - that people's iTunes accounts were either charged for purchases they did not make, or they were charged even though they do not have an iTunes account.

So, check your statements if you don't regularly go through them carefully.