October 31st, 2012


Cleaning up

Got up and drove to work today - in full light, and on major roads only, since I was worried about downed wires, tree branches, and so on. All the main streets in my part of town were completely clean of any debris. Most trees seem to be doing OK too - I was worried about the big, beautiful oak tree near our building. It is perfectly fine, and I hope the family of black squirrels living in it are also fine. The building has its lights on and internet on, and no apparent damage. Even the cafeteria is working. But our sign at the entrance was overturned and broken in two or three pieces...

A lot of my co-workers never lost power or had it come back already - but a lof of them are without power still, and might be without power for a while. Up to ten days, they say. With the cold spell upcoming, many are thinking of leaving their homes until the lights are back. A lot of people brought their kids to work today - with the schools closed and their homes without power, it seemed the best option. All in all, our area seems to be recovering nicely. My thoughts are with everyone who may not be as lucky...

I have a cooking class scheduled for Saturday in Manhattan... it doesn't look like the trains are going to be restored by then, so I may have to drive (I don't want to risk finding a parking spot) or take a bus (I don't think I have ever taken a bus in the continental US!). At least, there is a direct bus that would take me right where I need to be, which stops a couple blocks from my home. However, that is on an edge of a rather nasty area, so I would have to hop on the return train right after the class is over at 3pm so I get home in full light.

Happy Halloween to all of you who can enjoy it. Celebrate it for all of us who don't get to. :)
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