November 26th, 2012


Car day

Today was my "run car errands" day. Since I managed to badly hit a curb and whacked my wheels out of alignment last week, I really needed to get to the tire shop and get that fixed. My car was shaking badly at speeds 60-70 mph... Of course, when I got there, I remembered that I have been thinking of replacing my tires anyway for the last couple months. I asked the guy if I should (I have been to this place before, a couple years ago, and they proved trustworthy). He said yes (and showed me). Given that I have driven close to 50,000 miles on these tires - I wasn't going to argue. So I got the set of brand spanking new tires. Good for another 55,000 miles. Not that I think my CAR will last another 55K - but you never know. Maybe it will. I do think I have at least another 30K in it.

I wanted to replace the headlight that burned out a couple weeks ago too... they tried but could not do it - said I have to go to the dealership and have the whole thing replaced, not just the bulb on this model. Oh well... I have to go there anyway. Last time they told me I have to have spark plugs replaced and the wires that started cracking - so that's something I need done. And then the control arm bushings that started to crack...

Also got my battery and the terminals replaced today, it was in godawful rusty condition. All adds up... but I keep reminding myself, I don't look as fresh as I did 9 years ago either. Though sometimes I still think of this car as "new". I bought it brand new... It's been a good ride and I hope we can spend another few years together. In a way, owning an old car is liberating - I don't have to worry about any scratches anymore...

Also finally got around to changing my shower head. I have been planning to do it for a while but since the old thing broke yesterday, I had no choice but to finally get it done. This one is some fancy-shmancy ecologically designed one, so it does not give me quite as much water pressure as I am used to, but I will hopefully get used to it. I remember I used to not like my old one at first too, as it felt different from my previous one.

I am really glad I took today off... but now it has been almost a week since I have been at my office job and I really don't want to go back... especially since it is expected to snow from sometime later this night and all day tomorrow... I am tempted to take a couple more days off this year since I do have them - but maybe I should save them. I am facing wasting two days at the Russian Consulate next Spring since my passport is expiring in May... I heard some horror stories about that place, but maybe it will not be quite as bad as I fear... Maybe it will only take a couple hours each time and then I can have some fun too (since the Consulate is right off the Museum Mile...)
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