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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

Crazy thing, winter travel... So, I made it to Dallas OK on Monday, and Dallas to Florida was perfectly fine as well yesterday - but today I was supposed to fly to Atlanta and then tomorrow back home to New York. Being smart (and somewhat bored), I checked the weather and saw that there is a big snowstorm expected Friday night. So, I got a hold of my boss asking what she advises (since she is the one who will approve my expense reports and she is the one who sent me on this trip!) - she told me to skip Atlanta and go home from Florida if I can. It took me two hours on the phone with Delta (I started at 11pm and was done at 1:15am) but I got re-booked on a direct flight from Florida to LaGuardia (yay, since my car is at LaGuardia and it would have been a pain to get there from another airport). I had to pay a bit extra, but that's OK. And it looks like my hotel room will be refunded since this is weather-related. Nice.

I was looking forward to having some Southern comfort food while I was there, but oh well. Better than being stuck in Atlanta... One girl who HAD to go to Atlanta rebooked herself onto a Sunday flight (a wise thing to do early, otherwise airline may rebook you on a much later flight once everyone hears that their flight got canceled and rushes to be rebooked). I was very correct in my guess that my flight from Atlanta would be canceled. I got my notification five minutes after landing in New York, actually...

I had to stop by the grocery store to get food since I cleaned out the fridge last weekend before I left, and it was a zoo. It is always a zoo the first week of a month (most of the people in this area are on foodstamps) and compounded by the expected storm... But I only needed a few things so I think I am set.

Let's see if office remains closed tomorrow. I really don't want to go in just for a couple hours since snow is supposed to start late morning now instead of the afternoon...

Fort Lauderdale was nice. I got some sun and warmth and open-toe-footwear time... though I did not even see a beach, let alone visit one - all work. Arrived at 2:15, ate at the airport (a wise decision given what happened later), checked into my hotel, called a cab - and ended up waiting 45 minutes for the damn cab - the first company my hotel called has never showed up, the second company sent a car over in 15 minutes. So instead of being at the facility 15 minutes early I was there 15 minutes late. It went well, though. We got Thai for dinner and my fish was very good - I tried local Key West Yellowtail. Such a beautiful fish (I googled it), but also very tasty... And the fridge there was stocked with ice cream so I had that for dessert.

I have also lost an earring... these are really really pretty heat-treated earrings. I could have lost it in the plane, in the airport, in the car, in the grocery store... Almost no chances of finding it. Such a pity. I guess that's the sacrifice to the Road God for my luck getting back home. Funny that a colleague of mine also lost an earring, back in Dallas. So that makes two of us...