July 9th, 2015


Ironic overpower

Make a plan, make God laugh, right? I thought I would have a nice simple day at work today, and leave with plenty of time to spare for my yoga class. Of course, instead the day turned out to be fairly busy, but the worst thing was, the documents I needed to get and I was promised would be e-mailed to me "early morning" did not, in fact, arrive until 6pm sharp. After two reminders. Oh well... it means that now, at 10:35pm, I am preparing to do more work. This project really has been quite a mess. Not as bad as one project that still makes my boss and I shudder three years since its completion, but still plagued by delays both on the vendor's end and on our end (not because of me, mind you, but because of everyone whose input I needed to get)... I will be very, very happy to see it done. Another project also ran into a few snags that required time and thinking... so really, I should know better than to tempt fate by thinking that a day will be "easy".

On the upside, I decided what to get myself as a birthday gift. I have been curious about at-home laser hair removal systems for a while, since I am really, really tired of shaving twice a week (at least), and of ingrown hairs, and razor burns (though I don't have them as bad as some other people), so I finally purchased one. Veet Infinity Silk Pro. It's not really laser, it's an IPL so should be less painful, if a little less effective... It should arrive in a week or so, and then I will test it out. It should take a few months to really see results, but I am hopeful - with my really pale skin and really dark hair I am a perfect candidate...

This weekend will be busy - I am going to see a ballet tomorrow night, I work in the pharmacy Saturday night, and I plan on a day of house-hunting Sunday. Yet I really need free time to clean up my current apartment since a friend just confirmed - she is coming to visit the weekend of August 7th!