October 16th, 2016


Bakeries & more

I am happy with the Riviera Bakehouse (which is also very conveniently located on my way home from work), but I feel I should explore the other area bakeries... Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

So here is my short list of the five bakeries to try this fall:

La Tulipe in Mt. Kisco (closed Monday, half-day Sunday)
By the Way in Hastings (closed Monday, half-day Sunday)
La Renaissance in Scarsdale (half-day Sunday)
Flour & Sun in Pleasantville (closed Monday)
Baked by Susan in Croton (closed Monday and Tuesday, half-day Sunday)

I am looking forward to trying what they've got. And I am looking forward to baking more myself, I am just feeling inspired. :)

I also have to say, the Mediterranean restaurant in my town proved to be a disappointment. The kabobs and rice were OK - nothing to write home about, properly cooked, but rather bland in terms of taste. What truly disappointed me was the lentil soup - I have had many a lentil soup, but until yesterday, I have never had one that looked like tile grout, and if I ever tasted the grout, I expect it to taste the same too - like nothing. Sad. I got some hot sauce and mixed a hefty amount in there - that made it at least edible. But if I ever order anything from them again, it will only be kabobs. I have only ordered delivery three times since I moved in March, and I did takeout a few times, so I am still learning about the area eateries... I really want to check out that Latin American place across the street from the grocery store. They advertise "platos tipicos", so I hope it's authentic! If not, there are other Colombian/Equadorean places around there (that's where most of this town's Latino population is from, though my hairdresser, who is Puerto Rican, said there are some Mexicans and Guatemalans there now as well...). Maybe I should also check out the place next to the library when I go return my current haul... it seems to be quite busy, maybe it's good...