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Bits and pieces

THANK YOU for birthday wishes and being my friends and simply being to everyone who thought of me yesterday.

I went to an Italian restaurant with my parents and had an excellent dinner with good wine and overate terribly. I couldn't even finish desert, even though it was tiramisu. I asked for doggie box and plan to enjoy the rest of the heavenly treat today.

In the end, my birthday gifts amounted to much more for my parents - the dinner was over $100, and my mom wanted a portrait of me so that cost them another $400 (a large formal portrait from a good photographer, retouched and everything). It looks like I am expensive and mercantile after all. Well, the only reason to have money is to spend it on beautiful things, right?

Good bye to everyone, as I am leaving now until July 17th to go to Russia for my cousin's wedding.

Also, Hellga is now Version 2.1 - with curly hair. I had it permed yesterday. The next version will be Hellga Version 2.2 in August - with cherry-red curly hair. I promised a classmate that I will come back to school with cherry-red hair.
Tags: food, girlishness
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