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Merry Christmas!

Dear friendses, the gifts are also out. That was some most impressive speed-packing, I must admit. Half an hour to pack four boxes, sign the cards, and race out to the post office.

Also, lovely card fromeowyn_unquendor</lj> came in the mail yesterday.

In other news, I have passed the ACI exam and I am now officially a certified competitive intelligence professional.  Fear me.

I am flying to visit my parents in Omaha tomorrow morning, so today shall be a very, very busy evening.  Ever celebrate Christmas Eve on your hands and knees scrubbing bathrooms?  I thought so.  Everything happens for the first time some day, though.

Have a very Merry Christmas, or whatever else you may be celebrating right now, and I shall be back to wish you all a very Happy New Year when the time comes.  Cheers. 

Latest thinking on "where in the world Anna's going to be in the near future":
- December 25, 2008-January 4, 2009 - Omaha
- January 27-31 (plus/minus a couple days) - Hawaii
- mid-April - Chicago
- mid-March - Orlando
- early May - San Diego
- late July-early August - Russia (Yekaterinburg, Kostroma, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
- early December - Las Vegas
- mid-February 2010 - Vancouver, Canada - In a couple weeks I should learn whether I have won any tickets out of those I ordered for the Vancouver Olympics...
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