Anna (hellga) wrote,

The good:
- My flight was perfectly on time and even landed some half an hour early, so I was home at the decent time, just past 4pm.
- When I got home, there were two packages waiting for me, one from the Netherlands (belko_camuray, thanks!) and one from Italy (some books and DVDs I ordered online) so I had a nice time unpacking and enjoying.
- There were some cards waiting for me.  Thanks, oksani , karaotter , and helga_b (you did get everything right, twin!)
- There was enough food to hold me over until tomorrow, so I didn't have to drag myself to the store today

The bad:
- I brought over some old games that I had at my parents house, but they are apparently not really compatible with Vista, not that I expected it
- I did not get to see a very dear friend of mine when I was in Omaha, since there was ice rain on the day we planned to meet
- Since I was gone all through the holidays, I didn't get a chance to clean up my place and my apartment is a mess
- I didn't get nearly all the things done that I wanted to get done for work

The ugly:
- There is nothing worse than going back to work after a really nice, long vacation (since it really was pretty much a vacation).  There are no worse days that the Mondays after a vacation... I want to cry, but instead I have to cram in some work time tonight.  

My New Year's resolution shall be as follows:  Within the next ten years, I am going to become rich and not have to work anymore, unless that's something I want to do for personal enjoyment/interest.  Amen. 
Tags: life is beautiful, plans

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