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Hello from Hawaii again

Well, the whales didn't quite show themselves yesterday - I only got to see their tail fins, dorsal fins, and those little fountains they let out when they breathe.

But the luau was very interesting. I loved the traditional dances from all over Polynesia (and yes, I did volunteer to go on stage for a hula lesson myself), and the pork cooked traditional way in the underground oven was to die for. I ate two large helpings. The scary white jelly-like substance, on the other hand, I less than enjoyed - I think that was tapioca pudding, but it was tasteless, sweet, scary stuff. The coconut cake, on the other had, was decadently delicious. And I got to wear a dress I haven't gotten out for a while... Did I say I gratuituously overpacked this time around? I normally pack just enough, and wear everything I pack, but this time I overpacked to have a choice, to feel more resortish, and (since my previous experience on a tropical island was having to change three-four times a day) to have enough clothes.

As I just learned, the palace is not open on Monday, so in fact this morning I need to catch up on work a little bit, and then I go off to the helicopter tour (I paid $280 for it, and it better be worth it!), and then I will go enjoy the beach and the sun. I did get a dash of tan yesterday, though my nose of course got sunburned. That's the downside of us white people, our noses stick out too much for tropical sun...

So, today it will be helicopters and beach and massage and facial. And tomorrow morning I will go on a 6 am hike to the old, extinct volcano crater, then I have the lunch symposium to attend, and then go to the palace, and then to the dinner symposium.

And Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it will be non-stop work from 5:30am to 7pm, unfortunately. Unless some sessions prove completely useless. But that's life... and if I am to charge the company for my flight, I gotta do it. :o

One interesting thing about Hawaii, I never quite got the tropical thing before... but I think this place is getting to me. I think I still prefer mountains and castles, but the ratio did go down somewhat. I will make sure to come back to Hawaii for a proper vacation for two or three weeks to hit all the islands and see and do everything I am not getting a chance to do this time, like go up the active volcano, hike up to the waterfalls, go to the pineapple plantation, go parasailing, and so on.
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