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Still Hawaii

Well, the weather refused to cooperate. During the helicopter flight yesterday, it was cloudy and rainy on the southern side of the island, though on the North Shore it was sunny, and there the mountains are quite spectacular. I have never seen volcanic-origin mountains before, and they do look very different than the mountains formed by the joining of the tectonic plates... I would have loved a hike, but unfortunately it stormed last night, and I am not so insane as to attempt to hike in a rainforest in the morning after it rains. I have no wish to be up to my knees in mud... Besides, I managed to stub one of my toes on my left foot, and cut my right foot on the beach yesterday. Yes, it takes me to get injured on the beach.

Also during the flight yesterday the guide said that the most popular trail has been permanently closed by the state after a landslide killed 8 boy scouts and their parents sued the state for 8 million dollars. It was not the fact that the terrain became too dangerous after the landslide that closed the trail, it was the lawsuit. So, the idiotic kids go where they aren't supposed to be during bad weather, and as a result the tourists and the state have to suffer. Anyone still surprised while I despise most of the human race?

The conference starts today, and I have two seminars (lunch and dinner). In between, I am planning on going to the palace. In the morning, if the clouds go away, and I finish a project I need to do for work, I will go work a bit more on my tan, and at night it's a visit to the spa. Sauna and hot tub, and steam room - here I come. :) I also got a name of the place which sells farm-fresh tropical fruit which is walking distance from the hotel, so I am going to pay it a visit one of those days. I know what all the northern fruits and berries are supposed to taste like, but I have never had tropical fruit other from a supermarket (and all my friends from tropical climates called those inedible).
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