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Busywork can be fun!

I am now organizing my jewelry collection. With dismay I realized that newly bought jewelry box won't house more than half of my collection.

My parents never realized how much I own - when they came to take a look and saw the shining stuff all over my dresser in many boxes and me in the middle of it all, they started whining (in jest, of course) how they are working their butts off while I surround myself with jewelry.

I never quite realized I have almost 30 rings. I always liked earrings more and bought (and got as gifts) earrings far more often than other jewelry, so I don't even know how many pairs of earrings I have.

I am working on Excel file to organize the data by stone and by type of jewelry besides the big general list. Just the things I could remember off the top of my head are already 70+.

Even if it is an extremely pleasant work, it is hard work. I can't do it for more than half an hour at a time because I start going literally crazy - sparkly jewelry has that effect on me. Were I in Middle-earth, I would be either a Noldo, a Dwarf, or a Dragon.
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