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Soul of the stones

I cleaned my blue topaz ring yesterday and I can't stop looking at it. It shines so brightly now, it reminded me how I fell in love with this ring - very simple silver ring with a beautiful blue topaz. It was a real master who hand-crafted this topaz, someone who could hear the song of the stone and release its soul, so it shines from inside. The cut is very unusual, so the darkness and the rays of light come out from the heart of the stone to the surface, mixing and yet different, like my own soul. I can't believe that I could have been too lazy to go on a three-hour-drive to that expo in Kansas City where I bought it four years ago. I can't imagine that a different jeweler could have gotten the stone and killed it by cutting it wrong. I have seen all too many stones dead, murdered by a clueless hand. I am lucky the world is the way it is...

* Full name: Anna
* Birthday: June 28th, 1983
* Eyes: Brown
* Hair: Reddish-brown
* Height: 5'10"
* Shoe Size: 9 US, 39 European
* Who lives with you: Parents
* When is your bedtime?: whenever I want
* Flown on a plane: I have spent nearly 100 hours suspended in metal jars between sky and earth.
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No, I always manage to keep my head. Now, my legs...
* Missed school because it was raining: No. I haven't missed school even because of two feet of snow in one night or temperatures below -40. So a miserable rain wouldn't stop me.
* Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: no, because I never liked anyone in *that* sense
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: I stuck my hands in flame on a dare, but not until they burned, of course. I just don't feel physical pain as strongly as most people.
* Had a crush on a friend's girlfriend/boyfriend: No
* Been hurt emotionally: Probably, but not anything I would remember now, therefore these were stupid little teenage issues.
* Had an imaginary friend: No. But I tend to think of myself in third person.
* Wanted to hook up with a friend: No
* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: No
* Been on stage: Yes, in many capacities.
* Cut your hair on your own? Yes, when I was 9, with disastrous results.
* Had crush on a teacher? Never had any crushes at all, but if I did, my parasitology professor surely was crush-worthy.
* Shampoo: and condition: Yes
* Favorite Color: Any but green and yellow
* Day/Night: Evening twilight
* Summer/Winter: Summer
* Lace or Satin: Lace
* Cartoon Character: Chip & Dale
* Favorite Food: berries & fruit, freshly baked bread
* Favorite Advertisement: intelligent and creative ones
* Favorite Drink: tea
* Person/persons talking to online: huh?
* Favorite sport: to do - ice skating; to watch - biathlon, hockey, basketball
* Favorite Car: my car (2004 Nissan Sentra, Bronze Shimmer). In abstract terms, Buick, Mercedes

* Wearing: blue top, white jeans, white lab coat, tan clogs, jewelry, underwear
* Eating: no
* Drinking: no
* Thinking about: my jewelry
* Listening to: nothing

* Cried: No
* Worn jeans: yup
* Met someone new online: no
* Done laundry: no
* Talked on the phone: yes
* Said "I love you": no

* Yourself: Of course. I am not all powerful, but powerful enough to do what I need to do.
* Your friends: If I didn't, I wouldn't consider them friends
* Santa Claus: Never did
* Tooth Fairy: Never did
* Destiny/Fate: Yes, and in my ability to change it/deal with it
* Angels: Not really
* Ghosts: No
* UFO's: No
* God: Yes.

* Do you ever wish you had another name? No. There is no name more beautiful than Anna to my ears, my middle name is unique and with good undertones, and my last name is ancient and sounds nice.
* Do you like anyone? Many different people in many different ways.
* Which one of your friends acts the most like you? None. There are very few people like me, and I can't stand most of them.
* Who have you known the longest of your friends: Irina
* Who's the loudest: I dislike loud people with shrieky voices. It is very low class.
* Who's the shyest: I am not sure. I tend not to befriend very shy people.
* Are you close to any family members?: Yes, most of all to my father, my mother and my first cousin.
* Who's the weirdest?: We all are, in different ways.
* Who do you hang out with the most? Myself. :)
* When you cried the most: When I was left at my grandmother's for the summer with the above mentioned first cousin. We fought like crazy for the first ten years of my life, and he teased me to tears all the time. It is now that we are best of friends...
* What's the best feeling in the world: Victory
* Worst Feeling: Helplessness
* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you?: No
* What time is it now? 14:21

*Let's walk in the: mountains
*Let's run through: the rain
*Let's look at the: jewelry
*What a nice: blue topaz ring
*Where did all these: papers go
*When will they: reveal themselves
*How are: things supposed to get done if I don't know what I am doing
*Why can't you: disappear
*Silly, little: problems
*Show me some: respect
*The sky is: behind me
*Tell me: that I can go now and not worry about money
*Hide me: some good candy so my dad doesn't eat them all
*Love me: muchly
*I hate your stupid: I don't hate anything
*My mom thinks you're: evil
*He's not: home
*Are you that: lazy

*Kissed your cousin: yes
*Ran away: from a country - yes, from myself - oh yes, from home - no
*Pictured your crush naked: Never had a crush. Besides, after a whole semester of anatomy it is not that much fun :)
*skipped school: Never.
*Broken someone's heart: Maybe. Even probably yes. But I would neither know nor care to learn.
*Been in love: No.
*Cried when someone died: No. I couldn't. I tried and couldn't find tears.
*Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Oh yes.
*Done something embarrassing: Unfortunately, yes. Fortunately, my preference for exploring alone will let these things stay with me and no one I care about will ever know.
*Done a drug: No.
*Cried in school: No.

*Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi, the only soda I actually would drink
*Sprite or 7UP: Sprite, it is not so disgustingly sweet
*Girls or Guys: depends for what
*Scruff or Clean shaven: clean-shaven. Real men shave.
*Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes
*Tall or Short: Tall
*Pants or Shorts: Depends when
*Night or Day: Evening twilight.

*What do you notice first: hands and voice.
*Last person you slow danced with: a friend of my cousin at his wedding

*Showered: this morning
*Stepped outside: A few hours ago.
*Romantic memory: I am not a romantic person.

*Your Good Luck Charm: My silver cancer necklace, my blue topaz ring, my moonstone earrings, my moonstone bracelet. I wear all of the following for the exams, and everything but the bracelet for other things I need luck for.
*Person You Hate Most: I don't hate anyone or anything. Hate is a stupid, pointless emotion that comes from fear.
*Best Thing That Has Happened: I don't know. I am simply grateful that God made me the way I am and let my life be the way it is.
*On your desk: I am at work, therefore, computer, lab notebook, pens and markers, my purse, and tons and tons of papers
*Picture on your desktop: Windows XP clounds and green hills
*Color: red
*Movie: no, thank you
*Artist: don't care
*Cars: need oil changes
*Ice Cream: Raspberry
*Season: summer
*Breakfast Food: cheese
*Makes you laugh the most: I don't know
*Makes you smile: almost everyone, though there are many different smiles, from kind to evil
*Can make you feel better no matter what: My father, my cousin, my uncle, most of my friends
*Has a crush on you: I wouldn't know, would I?
*Do you have a crush on someone: Nope
*Who has it easier, girls or guys?: I really don't know, as I have never been a guy.

*Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: No, I don't like phones
*Save MSN conversations?: Don't use messengers
*Save E-mails: I leave them undeleted for a while
*Forward secret E-mails: I don't forward anything, and I don't get secret e-mails
*Wish you were someone else: Oh no, thank you
*Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: No
*Wear cologne: huh?
*Kiss: only if I am kissed, or in special cases
*Cuddle: No, I am not a touchy-feely person. Besides, my hands are perpetually too cold to touch anyone with :)
*Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: No

*You touched?: one of my parents, probably
*You talked to?: one of my professors
*You hugged?: my parents when I got back from Russia
*you instant messaged?: I don't instant message
*You kissed?: my aunt when I was saying good-bye to her
*You yelled at?: I don't yell, it is ugly
*You thought about? I don't know... myself?
*Who text messaged you?: Don't do text messaging
*Who broke your heart?: Never had my heart broken
*who told you they loved you?: depends in which sense

*Color your hair? Occasionally I tint them more reddish, only in winter, because my hair gets darker in winter and lighter in summer sun
*Have tattoos?: no
*Have piercings?: One in each ear
*Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
*Own a webcam?: no, what for?
*Own a thong?: yes, a couple
*Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: Ja, natürlich
*Habla espanol: No
*Quack?: No

*Stolen anything?: No, unless you count pens in my lab coat, which I forget home when I launder it and get new ones at work, repeat ad infinitum
*Smoke?: No
*Schizophrenic?: No
*Obsessive?: No
*Compulsive?: No
*Obsessive compulsive?: No
*Panic?: No
*Anxiety?: No
*Depressed? No

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