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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

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Took that gender identity test
The results said that my appearance is female (duh!) and my brain processes and manner of socialization are androgynous. As if a girl can't like math! I write poetry without problems too, I just do think math is easy and enjoyable. And I obviously chose Science answers since that's where my education is. Though I really can't argue that my brain is quite androgynous - I do love competition and the feeling of victory. However, I do not know or care about sports or cars or tools, etc. And I love jewelry (at work an at school I am nicknamed Queen of Earrings), and shoes, and make up and all the girly stuff, and I am very happily female. I am just an unusually competitive and intelligent female. I also think the test is unfair towards people of culture other than American - in Russia smart female with strong will is a norm rather an exception. :)

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*curious* What gender identity test is this?


Yeah, I think the test is based pretty badly on stereotypes. Like you, I chose math/science answers (mostly), and I'm pretty sure I got some of the spatial arrangement questions right that were "guy" oriented. I'm a sci-fi geek. I enjoy baseball, fishing, and woodworking (although I don't engage in them often). I'm more comfortable around guys because all but three of my cousins are boys. I do sometimes think like a guy. I sometimes stand with my feet farther apart than shoulder width. I take long strides. I'm a dog person when most girls seem to prefer cats (and act like them). And for everyday, I wear a lot of T-shirts and blue jeans, and I collect baseball caps.
That does not make me an androgynous crossdresser, dang it! I *enjoy* being a girl (except during those times that make every woman want to throttle Eve for listening to the serpent)! I can be plenty feminine if I want to; I like wearing dresses and long skirts in the proper context; and my decorating style is far more feminine than masculine.
*thwaps stereotypes*
Rose B.

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