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O luck, where art thou?

The newest cells seem to be messed up as well. I am not sure if that's a fungus or not, so I left them in the incubator for another day, so tomorrow I might know for sure. It might be just debree with clumps of THP-1 around them, but WHY? The only ingredient in the media that could be faulted is Fetal Bovine Serum extract, since it is too old, some cytokines could be degraded and that could cause the cells to clump. Maybe not. I have never actually read up on the FBS. Maybe I should. I think that's what I will do after lunch - library is next tunnel to the cafeteria (we have all those tunnels and skywalks around here, you can walk two miles without getting into the open air).

On the other hand, I enjoyed being in the Sharing Clinic again yesterday. Missed the people, and the action. One patient I saw was seriously messed up - she is very nice, but has all the intelligence of an elementary schooler. Her diabetes is not controlled, her blood pressure is not controlled, she is not treating her psoriasis correctly - and there is nothing we can do about it. Nothing. Did some inventory work too - I love checklists and inventories, for some reason. How weird of me.
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