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I got the Olympic tickets for hockey, Russia-Slovakia, for Vancouver Olympics! Nothing else, unfortunately. Figure skating (I don't care for it but my parents love it) was too expensive at $350 and more a pop, and bobsleigh and Super-G were sold out before I got them. Oh well... that means, we fly in on Wednesday the 17th, have a full day with biathlon in the morning and hockey at night on Thursday the 18th, and then we may just bum around on Friday and fly back on Saturday, that will be a nice schedule, and not too expensive. I am sure everything will cost an arm and a leg during the Olympics, and it's not exactly a cheap place as is.

So, to date, it's about $400 spent on tickets.
Accomodation will cost a fortune... and even now, all the website show all the rooms as "not available" or "sold out"!
Flight probably won't be cheap or easy to find either.

Oh well. If anything, we can rent an RV, drive from Omaha (two or three days) and sleep in the RV those one or two nights. :D

I wonder if I have any Vancouver-area friends...


Ну что, купила билеты на хоккей, Словакия-Россия на Ванкуверскую Олимпиаду. Больше ничего не досталось... Но кажется, отель найти будет не меньшей, а большей проблемой, чем добыть билеты. Все или уже забито, или стоит запредельно (800 долларов за далеко-далеко? Издеваются). Надо пошугать по тому что есть, ну и подумать - а есть ли у кого-нибудь из нас друзья в Ванкувере, у которых можно пару ночей перекантоваться.
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