Anna (hellga) wrote,

NYC Chocolate Madness

Dammit, I knew there are LOTS of chocolate places in NYC, but I didn't realize it's over a hundred! I am creating a monumental catalogue for them and will try to map out an itinerary for tomorrow. Of course, if I try to hit more than 20 I will die in a sugar coma, but I need to visit a few to sample offerings and to buy a gift box... but oh my, how many there are. I am going to try and limit it to locally made only, as opposed to flown in from Belgium/France/Switzerland/wherever. But it is amazing to live near a city where one can buy almost anything from almost anywhere in the world. That's one upside of New York, I guess...

In other plans for tomorrow:
Finally go see the ancient holy icon in NYC
See the Pallas's cat (manul) at Prospect Park Zoo
Do homework.
Tags: food
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