Anna (hellga) wrote,

Curiouser and Curiouser (c)

I just learned there is an airport with the code AVL. Just like my initials. I have to go there! It belongs to the town of Asheville, North Carolina. I have never been to North Carolina. Which makes me think... what if that recruiter who called me in October about a job in North Carolina was talking about THAT area? Maybe that was a match made in heaven that I stupidly rejected? :D Highly doubtful since I don't think there are any biotech companies in Asheville.

I will try to talk my Arkansas-based best friend into meeting up in Asheville - just because. In any case, I will plan on visiting it some day just because it would be fun to be in an airport that shares initials with me. AVL. Three letters that are so near and dear to me.
Tags: plans, really weird, travels
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