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No longer alone in the house

My parents have come back. I kind of got used to living alone after four days or so but I am glad there is someone else to eat all those pounds and pounds of tomatoes. And that I won't have to spend an hour or more a day in the garden - I tended to forget some things anyways, and my mom says I killed the violets. Poor innocent plants. :( She loves gardening, while I absolutely couldn't care less, so having to take care of a garden big enough to keep her entertained was a daunting task.

After all, I love my parents for being who they are. How many other parents wouldn't even move an eyebrow when hearing that their daughter came home at 5 in the morning on a workday? Even if said daughter is 21.

During the last 10 days I realized that I am, after all, capable of living by myself and not going crazy. That's good, because I will move out after I am done with pharmacy school and go on to a residency (or to work, if I will be too dumb/too unlucky to get into a residency I want). I also realized that I can survive on very little food (as if I haven't known it before) - but counting exact amount made me cringe. I knew I eat little, my kitchenette in Germany was virtually empty, but I never quite realized how little. Maybe I will manage to keep buying lunch every day even with a pharmacy resident's meager stipend. I can always work weekends at Walgreen's, of course...

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