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A teensy bit anxious

I think the ancient Egyptians were absolutely correct in their belief that the soul is located somewhere in the stomach. I am feeling a bit off, and that has nothing to do with the taco salad I had for lunch.

If only I could take a quick peek into the future... Even 15 minutes worth! Though of course, with my luck, in those 15 minutes I would just see myself asleep in the dark room for the entire 15 minutes and wouldn't learn anything useful or interesting.

Eh, whatever happens, happens. As I said all the way back three years ago - when one's worst-case scenario is a six-figure salary, even if it is in Podunk, Nowhere - it is still not a pretty sweet deal.

PS I have implemented an expense reduction program. That means I DID NOT buy a really, really gorgeous set of necklace, earrings and a bracelet for $150.
Tags: real world
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