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First Day of the Rest of My Life

You know, it is rather strange, when it is a workday, and you wake up at 10am and you do not have anywhere to go, when just two days before you woke up at 9am and jumped out of bed as if bitten and rushed to get ready for work... I do feel that slight gnawing feelilng in the back of my head as if I am supposed to be somewhere else... but oh well.

I went and got a massage today since my shoulders were achy after pretty much spending Sunday through Tuesday on the computer with few breaks... even being freshly unemployed, I am not down to bare bones yet...

Now, I really need to work on the overdue essays for class. Plus I registered for one more... that means that next semester I will be taking:
Pharma Marketing and Compliance
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property and Global Public Health

And be in class 4pm to 11pm on Monday and 6pm to 10pm on Wednesday.

Other than that, I have no other plans than working for Walgreen's (asked for more hours) and taking care of myself and my apartment. And yes, looking for another job - starting with January 4th. And reconnecting with friends.

As far as travel, given the current economic climate I think it's better to not do anything extravagant.
December 27-January 4 - visit parents in Omaha
February 17-21 - go to the Olympics in Vancouver (already paid for most things)

March 9-12 - the SCIP Congress in DC (especially if still looking at that point)
Maybe go to the Caribbean for a couple days in January - if can get a good deal.
Maybe visit some friends

Yesterday was my last day of work... spoke with my manager and turned in all my keys, etc. Got my evaluation for the year... did better this year than last year, should have better bonus come January (unless the company did very poorly, then the bonus won't be that great anyway). Cleaned out all the paper - filled the giant dumpster full. My neighbours were laughing that I was singing while doing it - but it did feel so incredibly liberating.

Then went to a very nice lunch with my colleagues - Il Pomodoro in Somerville, highly recommend it if you are in the area. Great food and ambience. It's not traditional Italian, its creative modern Italian, so not your typical fare. Though wine is only by the bottle, not by the glass, so I didn't have any. But I did have dessert. They have triple creme brulee - three tiny cups, one is creme brulee with caramel, one classic, and one with praline. Yum.
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