Anna (hellga) wrote,

Anno Domini MMIX

The good:
- I went to Hawaii in January and finally understood the attraction of the tropical paradises
- I went to Boston in June with tigressita and had my faux Italy fix
- I went to Quebec in July and corrected my impression of the French cuisine and saw the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen
- I went to the Western Nebraska in September and experienced firsthand the beauty of the Sandhills
- I went back to school and experienced once again the thrill of learning

The bad:
- I have been constantly running behind the entire year, but especially since I had the flu and was barely functional for two weeks and then very weak for another month or two
- I lost my job in November which again knocked me off schedule

The ugly:
- The flu in April was the most miserable experience health-wise I have had in a very long time
- My father's cancer came back in June

Requests for the new year: I have made my plans, and now I will let God and Fate implement them in the best way for me.


- Поездки на Гавайи, в Бостон, в Квебек и в западную Небраску
- Учеба

- Вечно ничего не успевала и постоянно уставала весь год
- Потеряла работу

- Грипп
- У папы вернулся рак

В общем и целом, так себе выдался годик. На следующий год я построила планы, теперь пусть Бог и Судьба приводят их в исполнение в том виде который будет для меня наилучшим.
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