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Well, the immunization training for tomorrow is cancelled due to expected blizzard. Now, however, I am going to go an hour to the South to work until 9pm. It is expected to snow starting at 6 or 7pm, but I hope it holds off long enough for me to get out. Then I will be trying to outrun the storm going North. At least, it can't snow that much in two hours, and with our winds, since I am driving along the coast most of the time, a lot of it should be blown off the road. So, wish me luck with the weather. I sure hope by the time it gets ugly I will be safe and sound at home, and my car - in its warm garage.

On my way to work, I am going to buy the only things I identified as missing in my home: eggs, olive oil, vanilla extract. Given the weather, they should all be perfectly fine after seven-eight hours in my trunk. :)

EDIT God must be real, and he still likes me enough to listen to me. The snow didn't start until almost an hour after I got home. Now I am enjoying my tea and apple jam. Let it snow! :)
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