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Love of languages

It feels so good to be learning a language again... I missed it so much! The decision to register for that above the normal pharmacy school load was one of the best ones I have made. It really is making me more organized and responsible.

I really feel like I am learning a lot. There is something incredibly sweet about the first words you say in a language you absolutely haven't spoken before. :) I expect to enjoy Spanish very much - not the least because I am familiar with most grammar concepts existing in IndoEuropean languages and because Spanish sounds are very easy for a Russian to pronounce.

The only bad thing is my classmates don't seem to progress as well, and it is going a bit slow for my tastes. On the other hand, most of them are freshmen just out of high school, and this is their first foreign language. I have advantages of being older, more responsible, and more linguistically talented. Plus, I am studying Spanish because I want to, not because I need credits or have to fulfill certain requirements. And of course, learning a fourth language is much easier than learning second one. On the other hand, they all had a year or two of Spanish in high school (a requirement to get into this college), and they seem to be remarkably inept. Perhaps they will get better... if not, I can have conversations with the professor. I only choose to learn languages from native speakers on principle :)

That was a bit of random musings and good mood :) May you enjoy at least one of your classes as much as I enjoy mine :)
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