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On matters unhappy and not so unhappy.

As in old joke, do you want to hear bad news or good news first?

Bad news first - I got into a car accident yesterday. A guy going in opposite direction lost control of his car (we have icy roads and overall terrible conditions - we are the only university that is open, because we are associated with the hospital) and slammed into my driver's side, throwing me off the road, where I landed in the snow halfway on my side. The good thing is I started pressing my brakes and taking to the right when I saw him spin, had he hit me four inches further, and my door would bent in breaking my arm and possibly my ribs. It all could have been a much sadder story. I guess my silver medallion does confer some measure of protection on me. And if only I followed my intuition and taken the other route instead of my usual one - I thought about doing it today but dismissed the hunch. Stupid of me - my intuition has never been wrong yet.

As far as the good news, Maglor Marriage Prospect has been posted on my marriage prospects page.
Tags: car, fanfic, life sucks
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