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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Yesterday I finally got around to watching the new, 2005 version of the movie. I must say, I like the old, 70s movie much better. Johnny Depp's Wonka was just creepy. Charlie's family is shown to be in such abject poverty... I always thought of them as the dignified poor - yes, desperately poor, but meticulously clean and still with some pride in them. This portrayal left me feeling like raising my skirts squeamishly, rather than reaching out to help - I doubt that was the intent. Absolutely unsympathetic. The lack of emotion showed by child actors spoiled the impression of the movie. Oompa Loompas being played by a single actor was also weird, and I couldn't make out what they were sining at all - and apparently it wasn't just me, every review had the same complaint. Wonka's backstory didn't add anything, and was also kind of creepy. On the upside, the visuals were stunning and the movie was, after all, entertaining.

This, however, made me think back to PJ's Lord of the Rings movies. After all, the feel, the aftertaste of the movies was not too different from the books (though second and third movies are worse in that aspect than the first, still the overall theme is not too mangled). Kind of similar to the 1970s Wonka movie departing from the book in details, but keeping up the atmosphere. Same way, the LotR movies could have been truer to the book, but just as empty and devoid of atmosphere - which would have been worse. I guess, that's the old adage of "it could have been worse" strikes again.
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