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Food for Thought, or Random Observations

1) We have been the class of 2007 for more than a year now, spending at least five hours a day together, yet the people we talk to the most and who became our closest friends are the same people we started talking to during Orientation. I started talking with Sarah and Maria in the line for IDs :) We are all sitting in the same parts of the room as we sat on the first day of classes. Some people moved a row back or a row forward, a couple seats to the left or a seat to the right, but still essentially the same. And that is a recurring pattern - our professors laughed on the first day that by the end of the third year we will say things like "and the back left part room disagrees!"

2) Tea is still the best drink in existence. Such a pity 99.99% of Americans wouldn't know good tea if they were boiled in it *rolls eyes* I wondered if I should propose that as an idea for fundraiser - Hellga personally making and serving high-quality fresh tea, $1/cup. Maybe I would have a side effect of one more Nebraskan becoming human :)

3) A visit to one Russian forum made me notice a few very handsome Italian and Portuguese soccer players. Yum. I'm spending the third evening wading through 150 pages of the thread and ignoring medicinal chemistry. While I am at it, *swoon* for Gigi Buffon.

4) Speaking of medicinal chemistry, may Dr. Kador realize just HOW BADLY what he taught and what he put on the practice exam correlate. If he keeps asking in-vivo metabolites of every frigging compound, I will pray that he has nightmares about glucuronide conjugation every single night for the rest of his days.

5) What is it that makes one person appear, well, civilized? Dr. Marky is one of the few people I would actually respect even if he wasn't a professor with many big papers under his name. Just his manner makes it clear he is a person of good breeding, even if he is a short, elderly Peruvian dressed in same clothes American professors wear. Yet the difference in the level is instantly obvious.
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