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Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School are:

1. I actually enjoyed school most of the time. That might explain why I have been doing it for the last 15+ years of my life and will do it for at least three-five more :)
2. All teachers loved me, even the ones I myself intensely disliked.
3. Inspite of #2, almost all classmates loved me too. Because I always helped them with homework, studying, and because I wrote funny satirical poems. And because I can be a nice person when I want to o.
4. There are people who have been in the same class as me for several years, several hours a day, six days a week, and I have said less than 20 words to them.
5. I started sleeping in class regularly after third week of college.

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job (Jobs) I Have (or Had) are:

1. I have been extatically happy with my job at Walgreen's for about 15 months. I am no longer extatic but I still enjoy what I do.
2. I hated customer service job and only stayed there whole summer to get my sign-on bonus.
3. The first money I have earned were for helping out at a christmas tree farm when I was merely six years old.
4. My first real, regular, taxable job was as a customer service representative for a cell phone company; when I started it, I have never held a cell phone in my hands (I bought a cell phone from my first paycheck).
5. I loved working for a university because I could set my own hours. That's the best thing about working in academia.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life are:

1. I can play online games like vide pocker, Majong, and so on for hours.
2. I only regularly read/post at two boards, and sometimes read two more.
3. I have five e-mail addresses.
4. I often read books on-line in Russian internet libraries, and download the ones I like.
5. The only fandom I have ever been active in and the only one I have ever been interested in is LotR. And I am a regular at only one LotR-related board, and have been a part of that community for almost three years, and met several people in person (they were the nicest people, too).

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live are:

1. Nebraska looks very depressing - sun-burned, flat, tree-less prairie, with the ugliest stinkiest rivers I have ever seen in my life.
2. My mother's first words when she took a ride through Omaha were, "But where are the houses, all I see is barns."
3. Roadwork takes decades, and is EVERYWHERE at the SAME time. Morons. There isn't an open through street, either east-west or south-north for five miles where I live.
4. It is a boring but quiet town.
5. It is uncivilized to an extreme, but rather clean.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Core Personality are:

1. I am essentially a good person. I just choose not to let it show on occasion :)
2. I can be very easily manipulated. Unless I really don't want to be, but most of the time I am too lazy/don't care enough to resist.
3. Occasionally I enjoy making people miserable, but only the people who have hurt me/annoyed me before. I never hurt the innocents.
4. I tend not to notice things outside of my immediate focus, which has both good and bad consequences.
5. I am very focused, and can devote everything and every fiber of my being to reaching my goals.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life are:

1. I think I am extremely fortunate to have parents like mine. If I ever do have children, I'll ship them to Mom&Dad to raise. They did a good job with me, they will do a good job with my kids.
2. I have always had my freedom, more than I could stomach. That's why I like to let someone make decisions for me.
3. The only issue on which I always clash with my mom is her desire for absolute order in the house contrasting with my love of "creative mess" on my desk.
4. I still believe that my father is one of the most intelligent beings on this earth :)
5. For many years now I have had an equal say in all family decisions, and am a specialist is several areas, where my word has more than an equal say.

Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want are:

1. Absolute health.
2. To become a vice-president of a big, evil pharmaceutical company, and wear $5000 suits :)
3. To own jewelry with every gemstone that exists.
4. To travel to every single one of some 50+ countries I am interested in.
5. To find someone to fall in love with.

Five Embarrassing Fannish Admissions I Have That You May Not Know are:

1. I like Ricky Martin. So what?
2. I find some well-written crimes against canon interesting to read.
3. The only two actors I have ever had a crush on are George Clooney and Sean Bean.
4. I make a very bad fan of anything, because I don't really care that much.
5. I tend to cheer for the evil side a lot. Especially when Good is represented by Harrison Ford's characters.

Five Things You May Not Know That I Do in a Typical Day Are:

1. Swear REALLY bad in traffic when someone cuts closely ahead of me/drives too slow/annoys me in some other way.
2. Apply lipstick while waiting for a traffic light to change because I took too long in the shower and had to run out of the house :)
3. Smile to myself whenever I pass a mirror.
4. Think in three or more languages.
5. Drink at least four cups of tea.

Five Things (You May Not Know) that are Really Important To My Character are (not necessarily attributes I possess, but rather things I strive for, or value, and values in others):

1. Strength of will
2. Intelligence
3. Pride
4. Sense of humor, including not taking oneself too seriously
5. Good manners

Overall, the semester began well. It has been two weeks into it, and I have had two exams and a quiz already. Spanish exam was pathetically easy. Pharmacology wasn't half as bad as it could be. Med chem was a pain. I am a bit behind on my studying as of today, but I plan to catch up tomorrow and Monday. Other weekend plans include shopping and a barbecue.

I am also continuing to bring civilization to Midwest, aka corrupt honest simple locals into our evil ways. I bring them Russian-style foods and - no surprise here - they love them. :)
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