Anna (hellga) wrote,


I went to have lunch with a friend last week at McCormick & Schmick's. I had a bronzino. Well, normally in Italian restaurants the fish is served filletted and fried (and in one particular one, Cafe Emilia on Rt 202 it is absolutely divine). Here, it was grilled whole with parsley and lemons stuffed inside. I liked the idea, and today I broiled a rainbow trout (just about the only kind of fish one can buy whole in my town and I didn't feel like driving to buy groceries) stuffed with lemons and drizzled with oil, with just salt and a little bit of pepper. Turned out to be quite good. I think from now on, whenever I cook a fish whole, I will always stuff a couple slices inside.

Of course, I love lemons by themselves, too, had a couple slices just as is. It's been a while... I like lemons plain, and I also like them sugared with tea... great, if underappreciated, fruit.
Tags: food
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