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Turn on the light already!

When temperatures get into the 90s and air conditioners in the building have not been turned on yet, even ample quantities of chilled milk/wine/juice/water and equally chilled pineapple or strawberries with cream are not quite enough to save the day. Thankfully, the AC was turned on late last night so I could sleep normally, at least.

Now, I have only three extant problems:
- my usual esthetician is off this week, and I need my eyebrows fixed before the interview, so I have to go to someone else... and I am slightly anxious.
- for the third (possibly fourth) day straight I am having acute attack of allergy to idiots. Seriously, almost everything I have read online lately has caused me to swear and close the article/post/thread. Are there any people around who still have 5% or more of brain function remaining and who aren't too lazy to write something?
- the exams. Need I say more? Though the pervasive idiocy of the surrounding environment is making it difficult to concentrate.
Tags: losers, weather
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