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I can't believe I am still alive

Today sucked mightily. Pathology exam (cellular mechanism of insury and repair, ALL of inflammation, all of hemostatic disorders, ALL of immune disorders (with mechanisms and genetics!) and ALL of neoplasia). Eeek. That sucked. I missed at least two, but hopefully no more than eleven questions. That should keep me at B level and I can improve by the next time. I am cursing myself for being a lazy ass and not studying enough yesterday.

Then pharmacology quiz. I missed two questions on individual part, but I hope we got everything on the group part. At least Lexi sounded like she knew what she was doing, and Matt and Brandon got the same answers as me on the problem set :)

Spanish was pathetically easy. No, compared to professional school undergrad is such a breeze...

I slept for just over an hour, too. I went to bed around 3:40 am, and for some reason I absolutely didn't want to sleep. I know for sure I didn't sleep until 4:25 am at least. And I got up at 5:45 am with my alarm. Amazingly, I am still up and running and not sleepy. Either something is mighty wrong with my metabolism (those pituitary hormones...) or I finally learned to give orders to my body and be obeyed :)
Tags: life sucks, school, slaving away
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