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Well, unemployed or not (technically, I am employed part-time, but I never can think of this as a "real" job), a girl has to go shopping, right? Especially when there is such a perfect excuse as having to buy gifts for lots of family and friens. :D But me being my usual egocentric self, most of the stuff I bought was for me.

The haul:
White bermuda shorts, perfectly fitting - something I have been searching for a while and a white-and-red wide-stripe tee - $55.
Black patent leather pumps for everyday wear - again something I have had trouble finding, as all shoes are either horribly uncomfortable, or flat (can't wear flats) or too high-heeled for this purpose - $30.
Two nice summery tops, after I realized a lot of my favorite tops are quite literally eight-ten years old - $35
Two new bras - $35
A beatiful golden-and-brown scarf which I might keep or send it to my aunt, I am still undecided - $12
A brown-and-white strapless mini dress which is a twin of a blue-and-white dress I bought a month ago and ended up really liking because it is really, really flattering on me - $18
Clothes for an infant for a friend who had a baby in April - $12
A lunch consisting of black bean soup (which was really, really good at that little mom-and-pop cafe) and half a Reuben sandwich (which I had for the first time and didn't care much for) and apple juice - $10

Total spend: $189

Not bad... I was afraid I would go above $200, which would be more than I should be spending now. But then again, I am looking forward to going gift-shopping in New York tomorrow, in some off-beat places in SoHo and Greenwich Village, though I have pulled an inner tigh muscle yesterday so I may put it off until Wednesday instead, but Wednesday is going to be far too hot to spend much time outside, in my opinion. 90-degree weather is NOT good for walking, especially in NYC where it is always far hotter than around it... lack of air movement and thousands of windows reflecting the sun onto you will do that. So let's hope a nice hot bath cures my muscles - because a nice, hot bath cures everything.

I have only gone shopping as in really gone shopping twice since last August - and the last time I hardly bought anything. Pity I didn't write down how much I spent, though I don't think it would have been over $100. That's why I post this information - so I can retrieve it at a later date when I need to figure out what I am doing. Though at least the credit card stored that information, and according to it, I spent $121. Which brings the total for Winter/Spring 2010 to $288 spent on new clothes, shoes and accessories for myself. Oh wait, there was $8 blown glass pendant I bought yesterday at the street fair, and I think I bought a pair of silver earrings for $13 before Christmas. So, it would be $309. That's from October (if not August) 2009 and through today. Not too bad... considering that I have earned many times that during this timeframe.
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