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Ironic Overpower

I swear someone is listening to my plans and then distorting the reality around them! As soon as I made up my mind on what I am planning to do today (since the muscle I pulled is doing better, I can walk without wincing now, and the repairs of the pipes in the bedroom wall are ongoing) - which included going to the mall as well as to see a movie and have a nice lunch - I got a call asking me to work a shift today 2-10. I am such a sucker that I agreed (I already declined one on Monday). Oh well, I can go tomorrow. The repairs are supposed to last through tomorrow anyway, and tomorrow is going to have intermittent thunderstorms anyway. But I am still disappointed a little. I guess, I am getting used to being a mistress of my own time, and the thought of working is less appealing that it were when I had to do it all the time anyway. :D
Tags: life sucks, really weird
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