Anna (hellga) wrote,

New home

Well, I have moved today. The movers were simply amazing - it took them about an hour and a half to pack everything I own. Actually getting the stuff out of the apartment was more painful - especially my big sleeper sofa which was barely able to fit through the door (it was much easier at the new apartment). The movers came at 8am, and by 3:30pm we were at the new place surrounded by furniture (unpacked) and boxes (29 of them).

I am sure glad my mom came to help me move because otherwise it would take me forever to unpack... as is, we went to lunch at a local diner, took a short nap after lunch, and started unpacking at 6pm. With a couple coffee breaks, at 10:30pm we had kitchen completely unpacked, set up and organized, bedroom mainly set up (other than the closet), bathroom cleaned and partially organized. Living room is barely touched - all the books and papers still in the boxes, as well as the electronics - but there will be plenty of time tomorrow to work on it.

My mom really likes my new places, particularly having the washer and dryer in the apartment proper, and the fact that the bathroom and closets are so much better, but especially the view. I have the view of the Hudson River and the Palisades... and some factory in the far right background, but that's not a problem. But you should have seen my mom's face when we were driving through the Bronx to get to where I live. :D I can understand her, when I first drove through that area I was completely put off too...
Tags: home, life is beautiful
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