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Contrary to the popular belief, I am still alive. Went to visit the Lyndhurst mansion yesterday. Well, it's certainly no Schoenbrunn - but it is also not thousands of miles away. It did reaffirm several of my beliefs:
- I prefer French, sculptured, gardens to the wild, English ones as far as castle/mansion gardens are concerned
- I still dislike Neo-Gothic/Gothic Revival style in architecture, as much as I like the original Gothic
- I was glad to see I am not the only one who believes that a proper home should be three-level, with the first level being open to all and sundry and used for entertaining, second floor being more private and used for business and private relaxing, and third floor being generally off-limits to visitors and used as bedrooms, dressing rooms, etc.
- My Mom's roses still beat any rose garden I have seen anywhere in the world. Her's might not be nearly as big, but her roses bloom all summer long, and look better. She has a real green thumb...
- There are certain trends in interior decorating I just don't get - faux painting being a prime example

Still, it was a good way to spend three hours - guided tour of the castle and nice, long walk in the park. The story of the last family to own the estate before it became a museum was also quite interesting. It was such a gorgeous day, too... not too hot, just right, and there was nice breeze from the river (it overlooks the Hudson). The downsides were losing my earring (and I wasn't going to go good two miles looking through it in three-inch tall grass), though that's not a big deal because it wasn't one of my favorite ones, and missing the right turn on my way home, I ended up going a slightly different route. That's not bad, but on the way there I saw a very promising-looking patisserie, where I wanted to stop on my way back. I guess that just supports the old truth - if you want something, you better get it right then and there, because you never know what might happen next.
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