Anna (hellga) wrote,

Plans for the weekend

I have three days (I decided to take my Special Holiday on Monday), and lots of things I am considering doing. Namely:

- Go shopping around here. For shoes and for new jeans. And just to see what's out there.
- Go to New York for retro jewelry (I have a big reception next weekend, I think I know what kind of dress I am going to wear, and I want to see if I can find some good accessories) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (a couple interesting exhibits are ongoing)
- Do housework, namely, cleaning, laundry and ironing. Especially ironing.

I am still trying to decide which day is best for what. The weather is going to be the same... The only thing, New York is best done on Saturday or Monday. So probably tomorrow I will go to New York, do housework on Sunday, and do local shopping on Monday.

I have considered going to White Plains for the biggest mall this side of Hudson, but I will probably go to the local one instead, and the other shopping plazas along Central Avenue. It's much smaller and still has the shops I am most interested in. Otherwise, I risk spending the whole day rummaging through stores where I end up buying nothing.

Also, I want to see the Legend of the Guardians... sounds like a cute movie. Maybe I will do that too. My mom told me I have to see it so I can tell her whether it is any good - she loves owls.

Speaking of plans further out, I am thinking of going to the Blind Guardian concert on November 20th in NYC... and the Andrea Bocelli one in Newark...
Tags: plans
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