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Plans for the weekend

The cocktail dress I am going to wear tomorrow is driving me nuts. I swear every time I look at it, it looks different. Of course, the fact that it looks like a Jackson Pollack painting gone live, and in a rather whimsical cut, too, accounts for it - but still. One day it feels orange, another day - black, now it looked pink. Whatever. I am going to wear my new Victorian gold earrings, a very small, plain gold bracelet, and hot pink pumps with it. Keep it simple. A dress like that speaks for itself, and from a much further distance.

It helps that I must have lost a couple pounds... the skirt that used to be quite tight is now fairly loose.

And Sunday I planned to just do housework and such, but I saw that there is a big cat (and dog, but I like cats a LOT more) show in New York, so I am going to go.
Should be a lot of fun. At least, I will maybe learn to recognize some dog breeds... and I will get to pet some adorable kitties.
Tags: girlishness, plans
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