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I absolutely hate being sick. Besides obvious physical unpleasantness, there is something inherently wrong in this situation. I am supposed to be the one on the other side, in neatly pressed white coat, smiling and telling people what to do. Not sitting on the couch, my eyes watery and miserably, my nose running like a freaking water main (good thing I have recently bought two extra-big boxes of Kleenex, but one is almost out) and my throat scratchier than Sahara on a July afternoon.

What's strange, I am running a fever. It's been a damn long time since I last have had a fever. Normally, I am way on the low side, and the last time I was sick - with the swine flu, most likely - instead of going up it went all the way down to just half a degree above clinical hypothermia (read: just above comatose). In the morning, I realized I am in no shape to go to work, but I did try to work from home, Until in early afternoon I started losing it and realized that I *need* to lay down. So I took the sick half-day and went to the couch, where I have remained since. And will probably remain tomorrow.

The worst thing is, I can't even study, and the exam is next Tuesday. My only consolation is, it would have been worse if I had gotten sick right before Christmas and had to fly in this state.

I have ran out of milk, but by some strange foresight, I have bought sweetened condensed milk a couple weeks ago, for the first time in many years. So I am drinking tons of tea with it, periodic doses of cognac and aspirin (neither seems to do much good, but still), and praying that I feel better soon. Ordered a nice dinner from the Italian restaurant next door, they deliver. So I am no set for my confinement... but I still HATE being sick.
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