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Plans for the summer of 2012

OK, I figured out what tickets I am going to be applying for at the London Olympics. My parents decided they enjoyed Vancouver Olympics so much, they want to go to the London Games as well.

August 1st - Fencing (finals, evening)
August 2nd - Gymnastics, women's (finals, afternoon)
August 3rd - Athletics (preliminaries, morning)

That way we are not spending the weekend in London which, I am getting a sense, is going to become a total zoo. Also, if there is a good team to watch in terms of volleyball or basketball on July 31st, we will certainly go for it in the next, first-come first-serve, phase. We don't exactly want to be stuck watching some random team. Same thing as we did with hockey at the Vancouver Olympics.

Now, hopefully we get all three of these events, but even one will be great. Then there will be a question of finding a room. It was quite a feat to find a decently priced room in Vancouver, and London, overpriced as it always is, will be no walk in the park.

Then the plan is to hit the rest of the UK - for me, Oxford and Edinburgh are an absolute must, everything else I am perfectly willing to consider. I am sure there are plenty of interesting towns and castles to keep me occupied. And then maybe do a detour to Ireland too, but I think there will be enough to do on the Great Britain island proper.
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